Waterjet  Cutting 

Waterjet  Cutting 

TCR Performance waterjet cutting services uses the latest Flow International I-6012 Integrated Flying Bridge Cutting System.  The dynamic waterjet cutting head matted to the 60,000 PSI intensifier pump produces the finest edge finishes without heat affected zones. This process eliminates any warping or hardening of the material being cut, reducing post-processing operations. All of which saves time and money…less work for you, more profit.


  • Cut virtually any material up to 6” thick
  • 6’ × 12’ cutting envelope
  • Accuracy to ± .005”
  • Fast quotes and turnaround time
  • One-piece samples to multipart runs
  • Create parts using customer supplied .dxf or .dwg file or TCR Performance can create the design for you
  • Excellent edge quality
  • No heat affected zones or edges
  • 60,000 PSI pump
  • Dynamic cutting head
  • Cuts steel, aluminum, stone, marble, wood, rubber, plastic, ceramic, composites

What can tcr performance do for you

TCR Perfomance is fully equipped to handle your toughest projects. From waterjet cutting to welding and fabrication. Go ahead, try us.

What can tcr performance do for you