CNC  Milling  & Turning 


CNC  Milling  & Turning 

TCR Performance machine services can design your part in-house or use your existing drawings to produce virtually any part using our precision CNC machine tools. Capable of holding tolerances to .0001”, we pride ourselves in producing quality parts and products ensuring customer satisfaction. We can also provide additional outside services to complete your project on time and to specifications allowing you to receive your parts completely finished and ready for service utilizing a single vendor.


  • Precision CNC milling and turning
  • Manual milling and turning
  • Accurate and repeatable
  • CAD designing service
  • Single part prototype and multipart runs
  • Fast quotes and turnaround time

CNC  Milling  & Turning  Projects

What can tcr performance do for you

TCR Perfomance is fully equipped to handle your toughest projects. From waterjet cutting to welding and fabrication. Go ahead, try us.

What can tcr performance do for you