Welding  &  Fabrication 


Welding  &  Fabrication 

TCR Performance uses the most modern welding and fabrication equipment that guarantees we will consistently produce the best possible product for our clients.  Our fabrication services range from simple, single part designs to complex multipart assemblies utilizing Solidworks Modeling Software to design and engineer virtually any part or component assembly to meet customer designed criteria. Our skilled craftsmen perform design, layout, sheet metal fabrication, welding, and machining. During all phases of the design/build process, we use only the best materials and the latest tools.  We have the ability, knowledge, and expertise to design and construct any project you can envision.


tcr performance fabrication

  • CAD design service, part design & assemblies from proto-type manufacturing to multipart runs
  • Waterjet Cutting 6’ × 12’ cutting envelope, ± .005” tolerance cuts virtually any type of material up to 6” thick
  • Plasma Cutting, 5’ x 10’ table, up to 1-1/2” thick carbon steel
  • Machine Service CNC turning and milling, manual turning and milling
  • TIG Welding, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, castings in aluminum, steel, iron, magnesium, brass, bronze, all alloys
  • MIG Welding, steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • 65-Ton Press Brake, bending and forming of ferrous and non–ferrous material up to ¼” thick
  • Plate Shearing, ferrous and non-ferrous plate and sheets up to ¼” thick × 8’ wide
  • Broaching ferrous and non-ferrous materials ¾”, 1”, 1 ¹⁄8”, 1 ¼” × 48” spline, 2” × 31” spline, 2 ¼” × 32” spline
  • Tube Bending NC programmable ½” – 2” diameter
  • Tube Rolling, NC programmable, 1” – 1-3/4” diameter
  • Outsourcing Services: anodizing, plating, polishing, heat treating, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, castings, gear cutting, etc.

Welding  &  Fabrication  Projects

What can tcr performance do for you

TCR Perfomance is fully equipped to handle your toughest projects. From waterjet cutting to welding and fabrication. Go ahead, try us.

What can tcr performance do for you